When promoting a new film or a line of products, running a contest on one of the most used, well-known social media platforms can no doubt be a daunting task. It’s important to follow some rules to not only successfully promote said product, but also maintain clarity as to what the objective actually entails.

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1. Identify a goal: Whether it is increasing followers or having your product featured in shared photos, maintaining a focused goal will help keep you on track and not loose sight of the issue at hand.

2. Prize giving: It is essential to choose a prize that is pertinent to what you’re advertising and what the consumers of your company can actually use. A good tip is to use this step to also try to entice potential consumers while keeping your current consumer base.

3. Select a contest type: Pick a contest that will drive traffic to your landing page in order to increase the overall reach of the target audience.

4. Retweet and Follow: This helps form symbiotic social relationships on twitter than will no doubt attract new followers. Retweets of the contest can act as a source of free marketing that can exponentially grow your user base. Also, sending out tweets prior to the contest actually launching will generate overall hype and buzz to keep people on their toes.

5. Results: Keeping an eye on your statistics and different trends will shed light on how or where you can improve the contest. This way, you can more effectively tackle your next twitter contest.

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