John Partilla,  a veteran of the Media Industry, is the CEO of Screenvision. Previously, he served as an Executive Vice President at ICF International where he heads the Digital Services Group. This digital transformation agency comprises 1000 people across the Americas and unites the capabilities of the recently acquired Olson Group, ICF interactive, and the PulsePoint Group Consulting. The group, a novel end-to-end agency offering helps companies transform their businesses via the group’s strategic, creative and technological capabilities. It provides a range of services including, but not limited to,  digital and management consulting, content, social, e-commerce, and design and advertising.

John Partilla grew up in Huntington, New York, and attended the University of Delaware where he earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing and Economics. He later went on to earn his MBA at Columbia Business School.  In 1986, he began his career with Young & Rubicam where he remained for the next eighteen years. During his tenure at Young & Rubicam, he rose to the role of Executive Vice President and Managing Partner. In 2000, John proved to be an early adopter of digital as he helped found a new digital division of Young & Rubicam,   Brand Buzz, a pioneering group in the digital space that remained in existence for over a decade. During his Y&R tenure, John Partilla worked with many large multinational advertisers, including Sony Electronics, Kraft, Campbell’s, and Colgate.

John Partilla went on to join Time Warner where he headed the Global Media Group from 2004 until 2009. He then transitioned to the role of President of Global Media Sales at Clear Channel Communications where he stayed until January of 2011.  He joined Dentsu Network West as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, he was instrumental in the effective management of three of the Network’s highest priority platforms including the evolution of products and services, growth, and networking.

In February of 2013, John Partilla became the CEO of the Olson Group, a leading digital  marketing services organization with more than 500 employees across seven offices in North America..  As the Chief Executive Officer, John Partilla helped the company grow its top and bottom line 20% over a two-year period, helping to  secure its position as the nation’s third largest independent digital agency.  Olson was acquired by ICF International in November of 2014.