John Partilla, marketingEntertainment and media are always changing, and with these changes, we notice that many are documenting and tracking the incredible shift in trends. Healthcare, retail, and entertainment are experiencing a digital transformation that’s altering the way we communicate, connect, and consume product-enabled technology. Forbes reports, we binge watch, but we also binge buy and quickly make health decisions thanks to available platforms, such as ZocDoc.

There are other interesting ways media has transformed ad marketing thanks to the actions and habits of users.

Multitasker and Multichannel-seekers

Users seek a complete viewing experience, allowing them to enroll themselves in the entertainment experience through the delivery of user-generated content. Live tweeting events, and live streaming proves that it’s a challenge to only sit through a television show or movie without conversing on social media. The use of hashtags helps marketers to keep their eyes on the user-created content and the GIF reactions that accompany them.

The Maturation of Artificial Intelligence

Between 2015 and 2025, the project for AI expenditure is supposed to increase from $350 million to an astonishing $30 billion. The use automation and computing abilities are being paired with the performance strengths of humans, according to Forbes. AI can help with image recognition, language processing, speech recognition, and deep learning, which impacting entertainment, and media.

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